Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Is it just me? *UPDATE*

Or is anyone else having problems with Blogger?  I can’t comment, and I can’t get Blogger to recognize my profile.  Grrr…

So, is it just me?

***For some reason I can comment if I am using Firefox, but not Internet Explorer.  So, I guess it isn’t just me.  Thanks for all of your advice!


P.S.  This is my new favorite picture.  Too bad it isn’t one of my kids!!


  1. Maybe the system is down?

    I'll send Kate's email via email. :)

  2. Nat, I am not having these problems myself but have been reading blogs of others who have. Sometime recently some settings were changed & need to be changed back. I useless because I don't remember or know what they are. I will do some research & see if I can't find the blog that posted the info.

  3. I can comment when I'm a using Google chrome but when on Explorer I can't. it's not just you, I think they are having issues.

  4. Someone suggested to me to sign out and when I sign back in to not click the "remember me" box. So, I have to sign in everytime but it did solve my commenting issue!