Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I am overwhelmed at how generous you all are.  I asked for crafters and people to help me with the boutique to raise money for Tasha.  People I haven’t talked to in years have volunteered to help.  People I *might* recognize at the store have brought things over for me to sell in the boutique.  People who have never met Tasha are doing what they can to help her out.  People I have known for years are offering to help and people I’ve only known for a short while are too.  Preschoolers, kids, and teenagers are out selling stickers and coming up with things to sell in the boutique.  Strangers, family, and friends are captivated by her and her story and rooting for her to win.

It is seriously impossible to type with tears running down your face.  So, please excuse the typos.  I am amazed at how much love and goodness there is in the world.  I am amazed at what can happen when we all rally together. 

You guys ROCK!! 

…and you’re all my HEROES!!

{{{{HUGE HUGS!!!}}}

…now we just need to get the word out so we can start raising some $$$!!!

(you probably don’t need to read my latest blog post here, because it says the same thing!!)

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